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Premium Propane Additives for Enhanced Performance:

At World Resources, we understand the importance of maximizing the performance of your propane applications. That’s why we offer our Pro 2000 chemicals. Pro 2000-T is an additive that changes propane used for steel cutting into a high performing fuel gas equaling Acetylene, MAAP and Propylene. Also included in our Pro 2000 line is Pro 2000-Caloric, an additive for industrial use that utilizes detergents, combustion improving/emission reducing formulations and performance improving chemicals that lower propane consumption dramatically. Pro 2000 EV Plus is an additive for generators, autogas, forklifts, BBQ’s, home heating/cooking and any other process. Pro 2000-EV Plus also contains detergents, combustion improvers and propane stabilizers.

Introducing Pro 2000-EV Plus:

When it comes to preventing and reducing propane carbon deposits in any application, Pro 2000-EV Plus is the answer. Pro 2000-EV Plus is an all around propane additive for the home, autogas, forklifts and stationary generators/engines. Our advanced formula effectively tackles the challenges posed by carbon deposits in fuel delivery systems ensuring smooth operation w/o maintenance and prolonged equipment life. By using Pro 2000-EV Plus, you can minimize maintenance costs, lower consumption, dramatically lower emissions and optimize the performance of your propane systems.

Cut Steel like Acetylene or Propylene with Pro 2000-T:

Pro 2000-T was developed to address the need of the industry to supply customers with a high heat content, high temperature Fuel Gas with worldwide availability. One ounce of Pro 2000-T into 8 gallons of propane delivers up to 115 SCHF withdrawal rates and 5400F flame temperature. Pro 2000-T supplies a shorter pre-heat time along with superior pierce rate and a much higher quality finished, smooth cut. 100 lbs. of Pro 2000-Fuel Gas will provide 2 1/2 times as many cubic feet of usable cutting gas as a typical acetylene cylinder.

Experience Efficiency with Pro 2000 Caloric Industrial Use Additive:

Pro 2000-Caloric is a highly effective propane treatment destined for industrial uses such as boilers, heat transfer, ovens and food processing. Pro 2000-Caloric is designed to keep combustion chambers, tube type/pistol burners and fuel delivery systems clean and functioning properly. Pro 2000-Caloric contains surface active chemicals to carry carbon into combustion chambers upon vaporization, raises flame temperature 50*f to 100*f and removes water from storage tanks. Savings in gas usage is normally 7% to 15%.

Choose World Resources for Sustainable Solutions:

We take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability. By utilizing our Pro 2000 additives, you contribute to a greener future. Propane, a clean-burning fuel, combined with our eco-friendly solutions, dramatically helps reduce emissions and minimize your carbon footprint. Join us in preserving our world’s resources for generations to come.

Unlock the Power of Propane with World Resources:

When it comes to Propane Additives and propane problem solutions, World Resources is your trusted partner. With our Pro 2000 range, including Pro 2000-EV Plus, Pro 2000-T, and Pro 2000 Caloric, you can optimize performance, tackle propane deposits, and achieve remarkable efficiency gains. Trust World Resources for all your propane needs and experience the power of innovation.

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