World Resources, Ltd. is headquartered in Michigan and is the world’s most complete LPG additive source featuring our Pro 2000 products. Our staff is the most knowledgeable in the LPG additive industry. Call and let us discuss the ways that our Pro 2000 line of chemicals can improve the performance of LPG in your forklift, heating, drying or steel cutting sales. Pro 2000 also addresses the problems encountered when using LPG as an engine fuel, heating fuel or cutting fuel. It will keep systems clean and free of carbon, wax and heavy oils and will also reduce emissions dramatically both in industrial heating and forklift applications.

Our Pro 2000 line of LPG additives consists of Pro 2000-EV Plus, an autogas , forklift and industrial additive: Pro 2000-T, a cutting torch additive and Pro 2000-Caloric, an industrial heating and industrial process additive.

The Pro 2000 chemicals were the first and are the best LPG additives available anywhere in the World.

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