Pro 2000-EV Plus is the world’s first Propane additive formula originally marketed in the USA in 1980’s and continuously marketed worldwide since.  Pro 2000-EV Plus is a blend of detergents, polar solvents, emulsifiers and a group of compounds that work as a combustion improver. All are hydrocarbon based and completely burn in the combustion chamber. Pro 2000-EV Plus replaces both Pro 2000-E and Pro 2000-V as the improved version of both. Pro 2000-EV Plus provides the end user with a “Premium Propane” and the propane marketer with a value added product to offer customers.

The solvents and detergents in Pro 2000-EV Plus liquefy, suspend and then slowly remove wax, oil and hard carbon deposits from new generation fuel delivery systems for both industrial and autogas/engine fuel applications. This includes vaporizers, carburetors, injectors (seats and tips), intakes, valves-combustion chambers, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters and mufflers in autogas/forklifts. In Propane’s industrial applications, Pro 2000-EV Plus will remove these carbon deposits from storage tanks, vaporizers, meters, valves, vapor piping, burner orifices (pistol and tube type) and exhaust stacks. Pro 2000-EV Plus keeps equipment in “like new” condition while eliminating deposits with the engine and burners operating and on the job.

Pro 2000-EV Plus uses open chain, surface active chemicals to liquefy and then suspend carbon and heavy ends in Propane’s vapor state carrying them through vaporizers, carburetors, piping, injectors and burners into the combustion chamber. In new generation engine applications using liquid and vapor injection, Pro 2000-EV Plus  solves ever tightening tolerance problems in equipment with carbon contamination. Without Pro 2000-EV Plus, many new generation engine vapor systems fail quickly and regularly.

Pro 2000-EV Plus also contains a combustion improver that will increase power and burn all of the hydrocarbon molecules in Propane. Engines using Pro 2000-EV Plus will start better in hot or cold weather with better fuel economy and a dramatic reduction in toxic tailpipe exhaust gases. Forklifts used in close air environments will have less heated/cooled air turnover, fewer exhaust fans operating, eliminate OSHA related complaints and provide a healthier work environment for employees.

These “before and after” photos show the dramatic results of a Pro 2000-EV Plus  test conducted by a the leading Propane vapor fuel injected vaporizer supplier.

These photos were taken after running just three tanks (120 gallons) of Pro 2000-EV Plus Propane through this vapor injected, 8 cylinder Ford Truck. Further reduction in deposits ending up with a totally clean vaporizer where seen with continued use.

The same results will be seen in Forklift “New Generation” fuel delivery systems. Equipment will stay on the job and vaporizer maintenance will be greatly reduced. This benefits the factory and the forklift supplier who many times has to do the work on these for free after warranty times expire. Propane suppliers get the best of both worlds by marketing a Premium Propane!