Pro 2000-Fuel Gas is a reliable and economical fuel gas for cutting, heating and brazing operations. Pro 2000-Fuel Gas is the result of mixing our Pro 2000-T Concentrate with Propane blends at a rate of 1 gallon into 1000 gallons. The performance of Pro 2000-Fuel Gas is comparable to acetylene yet safer with a high flow rate capacity. An added benefit to using Pro 2000-Fuel Gas comes from the material handling standpoint. A 100 lb. cylinder of Pro 2000-Fuel Gas has a volume of 866 cu.ft. while a standard acetylene cylinder contains 350 cu.ft. Translated into BTU’s, Pro 2000-Fuel Gas has 2,261,992 per cylinder while acetylene contains 518,000 per cylinder. Less cylinder change outs and more productivity.

Pro 2000-Fuel Gas burns cleanly with no sooty black smoke. Pro 2000-Fuel Gas provides an extremely clean cut with virtually no slag or spatter. Little or no grinding is required after cutting with Pro 2000-Fuel Gas.

Pro 2000-Fuel Gas features:

  • High Withdrawal Rates
  • Constant Composition
  • Consistant Operating Results
  • Fast Preheat Capability
  • Uses Standard Two Piece Fuel Gas Tips

Pro 2000-Fuel Gas is safe to handle. It is not subject to detonation from shock. Pro 2000-Fuel Gas may be handled, stored and transported in standard D.O.T. approved LP Gas equipment. It will not form explosive acetylides when in contact with copper or silver alloys. Copper pipe or tubing may be used in distribution systems.